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Announces 70 Million in New Corona Support

Bergen municipality is now announcing NOK 70 million in support of the businesses affected by corona measures. To date, 431 companies in the Bergen business community have received NOK 83.4 million in support.

The City Council is now embarking on the fourth round of compensation schemes for the business community in Bergen. Bergen municipality will distribute 48 million kroner from Stortinget. From the third round, 27 unused million NOK will be put into the grant pot.


Want to Reach as Many as Possible

– In the schemes aimed at specific industries, it was easy to reach those concerned. It is a little more demanding when the scheme is not so targeted. But it is important for the city council that we reach the businesses that has suffered losses, without having been compensated for it, says finance councilor Erlend Horn.

At the beginning of June, the city council announced NOK 44 million in a compensation scheme for parts of the business community that had fallen completely or partially out of the support scheme. 91 applications were received and NOK 17 million was paid out.

Meeting Those with Big Losses

– We know that several companies can document uncompensated losses well beyond the NOK 200,000 that was given as the maximum amount of support in this scheme. We are now raising the ceiling to NOK five million. We do this to meet the part of the business community that has had major losses, says Erlend Horn.

The City Council adopted the new compensation scheme in a meeting on 9 September. In the same case, the City Council has allocated NOK 5 million in a restart scheme to Visit Bergen, Bergen Sentrum AS and Matarena AS.

THE CITY COUNCIL CASE: Municipal compensation scheme for local businesses in Bergen 2021 - part 3. (Valve scheme 2)

Has Paid NOK 83.4 million

To date, the City Council's department for finance, industry and real estate have given NOK 83.4 million in the three compensation schemes that have been aimed at the business community in Bergen. In addition, other city council departments have managed grant schemes aimed at cultural industries and others.

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