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Adepth Minerals Secures Funding for Core Sampling Solution

©Adepth Minerals FlexiCore system
©Adepth Minerals FlexiCore system

Norwegian deep sea mineral exploration company Adepth Minerals has received a 11.7 million NOK grant from Innovation Norway - triggering investment in state-of-the art FlexiCore technology, enabling collection of deep sea mineral core samples in 2022.

- Our FlexiCore technology will be able to take more and better cores on the seabed in less time. It will be an important element for realizing better knowledge-building based on a larger amount of data collected, says Dr. Anette Broch Mathisen Tvedt, CEO of Adepth Minerals.

The innovation project will be performed together with Adepth Minerals cooperation partners Seabed Solutions and Deep Ocean.

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Pre-project Support for GR!D BOX from GCE Ocean Technology

Adepth Minerals has recently received pre-project funding of 200.000 NOK for the GR!D BOX concept from GCE Ocean Technology.

The GR!D BOX technology is planned used in conjunction with the FlexiCore system to further increase efficient geophysical data gathering and be an important part of the exploration toolbox providing high resolution imaging of the deep sea mineral resources.

–This pre-project funds will enable us to potentially fast track the development of additional geophysical tools that can be tested together with the FlexiCore system at a research expedition already in 2022, says Mathisen.

– We are very thankful for the pre-funds and the continued support from GCE Ocean Technology and look forward to continued collaborations on deep sea mineral initiatives, Tvedt concludes.

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang

Adepth Minerals AS is founded by an experienced team with backgrounds from geoscience and subsea operations. The company is based in Bergen, Norway, a hub for emerging subsea technologies with the University in Bergen leading research into deep sea minerals, and a cluster of subsea companies developing the next generation of sustainable ocean technologies.

Adepth Minerals’ mission is to find and extract commercial deep sea minerals through sustainable marine operations using new technology with low carbon intensity and by integrating big data and artificial intelligence for prospect analysis and risk assessment.

Adepth Minerals believes it can play an important and positive role in powering a broad-based structural transition to a more climate-neutral economy by performing sustainable exploration and extraction of deep sea minerals required in the production and storage of renewable energy.