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Knowit Experience joins GCE Ocean Technology

Kristin Bakken is Head of Ocean Industries at Knowit, GCE Ocean Technology’s newest member.
Kristin Bakken is Head of Ocean Industries at Knowit, GCE Ocean Technology’s newest member.

Already working closely with several companies within the ocean industries and with a firm presence in Bergen, Knowit Experience now joins GCE Ocean Technology.

Knowit is a Nordic consultancy that combines combine expertise in design and communication, management consulting, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IT/Digitalization.

The company has 2800 employees in the Nordic countries, with more than 250 specialists based in Bergen. We’ve had a talk with Kristin Sand Bakken, Head of Ocean Industries at Knowit Experience Bergen.

- Can you say something about customer cases within the marine industries and what kind of solutions you have provided?

- Knowit has worked with customers in the marine industries for more than 15 years, and we have experience within the whole range of the sector, from aquaculture to oil and gas. We’ve worked with brand strategy and design, digital marketing, technology and data analysis.

- We’re working with both large and small players in the industry. Together with Corvus, we have set up their Azure solution with associated architecture, where we collect and process big data and present visualizations in a web solution. Here, we work closely with the digital department of Corvus, as well as other stakeholders from the sales and service departments. Together, we create a solution for analyzing data, but processing and calculations are also part of the scope. The portal will be rolled out to customers this year. It will give clients access to information on the use of batteries, with associated data, as well as the opportunity to order spare parts, get training and other useful information, said Kristin.

- We’ve also recently developed an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solution with TechnipFMC for automation of manual processes tied to SAP and internal databases. This saves thousands of man hours, providing the organisation and employees more time for truly value adding work.

- Have you seen projects related to digital visibility and marketing gaining traction after Covid-19?

- Yes. In the maritime industries, trade fairs and networks have always been an important part of the sales processes. With these arenas being virtually non-existent for the last year, a good digital presence has become even more important. In addition, decision makers in the B2B market are getting younger and younger. They do more research digitally than previous decision makers, which underscores the importance of a good digital presence. We are all used to good user experiences in our leisure time. More time and money are being invested in this field by B2B players and the maritime industries.

- In what way can you help other members of the cluster – and how can they help you?

- We want to assist members of the cluster with reaching their goals, within digitization, streamlining processes, service design and marketing, or in projects with an ML/AI scope. We are active cluster members, and in our minds, one of the keys to success is sharing knowhow and project insight. And the sharing of data that can help the cluster as a whole forward.

- What are your strengths?

- With 250 experts in Bergen, we are quite large. But we are truly local, flexible and autonomous, with client goals always in the forefront. Knowit is one of the few Nordic companies that combines strategic understanding with communication and technology. By putting together balanced, interdisciplinary teams, which combine strategic understanding, creativity and technology, we gain deep insight and uncover real needs; so that we can develop and deliver the best user experiences, said Bakken, adding:

- We are at our best when we combine technologists, economists, designers, engineers and marketers together, contributing on client challenges. This means that we, for example, deliver qualitative and quantitative insights through a variety of methods. We see that more and more clients value deep customer insight into data visualization tools, enabling better decision making.

Contact Information

Kjersti Boge Christensen

Communication and Event Manager

Kjersti Boge Christensen

Knowit is a Nordic consultancy, listed at NASDAQ Stockholm. We are 2800 communications professionals, technologists and business developers, working to create better user experiences, making life better for people and businesses.

We work with a range of businesses in the Norwegian market, and in Bergen our 250 employees work with among others Framo, Fjordkraft, Corvus, BankID, Grieg Group and The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries.

It is our ability to combine expertise in design and communication, management consulting, and IT that sets us apart from other consultancy firms.

Our culture is characterized by openness, understanding of the client’s business, strong specialist competence, and a drive to constantly develop.

Knowit was established in 1990 and we have prescence at 15 locations in Sweden, five in Norway, two in Denmark, as well as Finland and Germany.

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