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High Demand for New Hydrogen Courses

HVL’s hydrogen team: From left Jonathan Økland Torstensen, Velaug Myrseth Oltedal and Håkon Eidsvåg.

More than 150 employees from different sectors applied to attend the new hydrogen courses tailored to managers and employees who want to learn more about hydrogen.

An increased focus on hydrogen as a zero-emission energy carrier has led to an increased demand for competence within this area. In Norway, especially the maritime players see many opportunities of using hydrogen or ammonia as propulsion for vessels.

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) expects a permanent demand for a series of hydrogen courses they have launched and will follow up with a new round of courses in autumn 2021.

Three Courses

The first hydrogen technology class was launched by HVL in 2018, and quickly became popular amongst the students. Elements from this class has now been offered as three different courses.

The first course covers basic hydrogen knowledge, while the other two courses cover more in-depth technical aspects within hydrogen technology. All courses are run in parallel this spring, with one basic class and three technology 1 classes.

An Overwhelming Response

HVL intended to start with two courses with 30 students in each class during spring 2020, but due to an overwhelming response they expanded the offering resulting in more than 100 students from industry and public sector attending the four classes.

– It seems like we hit spot on with these courses when it comes to competence needed in the industry, and we hope to increase the course content with some practical training with time, says Velaug Myrseth Oltedal, Associate Professor and responsible for the hydrogen classes and courses at Western Norway University of Applies Sciences.

Positive Feedback

Vegard Førde Lavik from HyFuel at Fjord Base in Florø, was one of the course attendees. He needed to learn more about hydrogen and discovered that the technology 1 course had the perfect content for him.

– I have had a very good experience so far, says Lavik. - In addition to all facts and learnings, the class is a network arena as there are attendees from the whole hydrogen value chain. I believe this can be a catalyst for the growing industry and the timing of the course was also super for me, as I have just started in a new position where hydrogen is the main focus, Vegard Førde Lavik adds.

New Classes in Autumn

HVL will offer a new round of courses in the autumn. As the focus on hydrogen is increasing also on a global level,  there will probably be a permanent demand for these hydrogen courses.

– We welcome those on the waiting list and new students to attend the autumn courses and information about courses and how to apply will be spread in due time, so please stay tuned, Velaug Myrseth Oltedal concludes.

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences offers a course package for managers and employees in the business and the public sector sector that want to learn more about hydrogen.

The course package consists of three flexible modules that can be taken part-time, in addition to work.

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