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Green Fish Farming at Norwegian Supply Base for Oil Industry

Image of woman holding fish
Photo by the INC Gruppen

Fjord Base has become a greener workplace through the Lean and Green project, electrification processes, handling wind farm components and focusing on land-based fish farming.

Fjord Base is an offshore oil and gas supply base on the west coast of Norway offering 840.000 m2 of land and 9 quays.

Revenues are mostly related to base services such as operation & drilling logistics and warehousing & terminal activity. Equinor, Neptune Energy, Shell, and Wintershall DEA are the largest customers. In total, the base provides work for 625 people in 60 companies.

A Green Base

Activity is now reaching all-time high measured in tonnes over quay. Significant remaining oil and gas resources in the served fields foresees long term demand for our supply base services. Fjord Base is aiming to be the greenest supply base in Norway.

Since 2016 we have run the Lean and Green project where the largest companies on the base work together to make the operations at Fjord Base more cost efficient and environmentally friendly. Shore power for vessels has been installed on 2 quays and the service will soon be offered to all quays. Also, the base has acquired two electric cranes for loading and unloading vessels.

The company Saga Fjordbase is the operational player on Fjord Base. Saga Fjordbase is managing contracts to handle receipt, storage and transportation of components for construction of wind farms. Fjord Base is strategically located to participate in the ongoing development of “green-growth projects” such as Equinor’s Hywind Tampen project.

Land Based Fish Farming

Havlandet Aquaculture is one of the companies on the base. They have been working with land-based fish farming since 2002. The company is now building a test facility for farming of full-grown salmon with 5 kilos slaughter weight.

The fish will not be released to open sea. The test facility is based on Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS) and will produce 200 tons of salmon per year.

Also, Havlandet Aquaculture has received a concession for building a full-scale facility for land-based production of 10 000 tons of full-grown salmon per year. The plant will include a total of 45 partly covered fish tanks of various sizes and will be based on a state-of-the-art recirculation system using sea water.

Energy Efficient Hydrogen Production

Saga Fjordbase is also planning to build a green hydrogen manufacturing plant. The main target is to deliver hydrogen as fuel for maritime transportation. There are significant synergies between the hydrogen production and fish farming.

The by-products when producing hydrogen are oxygen and heat. These are among the most important inputs in a land-based farming facility. This allows us to produce hydrogen in a very efficient manner as we utilize both the hydrogen, oxygen and surplus heat.

Hydrogen can also be used to reduce emissions at Fjord Base as our future internal base transport services can be run on hydrogen. In addition, the waste from the fish can be used to produce biogas.

Delivering for the Future

We experience increased activity in the coastal and ocean areas. In the future the oceans must deliver more food, energy, minerals and other resources to serve a growing world population.

We are working hard every day to offer green and sustainable solutions to solve upcoming demands and challenges.

Connect to us on your onward voyage.

Contact Information

Beate Grønnevik
EVP, WIS Holding
Phone: +47 916 88 399


The INC Group (INC Gruppen) has been a member of GCE Ocean Technology since 2019 and has been involved in generating business activity in the local community since 1985.

Their companies have developed into a major group employing more than 300 personnel, and constitute an important part of industrial activities in Flora municipality.

The INC Group has operations in the oil and gas sector, and in technical services, property development, aquaculture and industrial maintenance.

They are located at Fjord Base – Norway’s westernmost oil base in close proximity to the resources.

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