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Erna Solberg: The Norwegian Continental Shelf is Full of Energy

Photo is unrelated to article: Erna Solberg visited the Underwater Technology Conference in 2019.  Photo by UTC.
Photo is unrelated to article: Erna Solberg visited the Underwater Technology Conference in 2019. Photo by UTC.

The Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg gave an uplifting speech at the annual conference by Norsk Olje og Gass 5 March.

Solberg's message was conveying the opportunities that lies in front of us when it comes to the ocean industries.

She delivered three main messages:

  • We must develop Norway for the future. Not just through responsible use of the oil money, but by developing and creating the jobs we need going forward.
  • We must further develop the Norwegian oil and gas industry within the framework of a significantly tighter climate policy. This means that we will ensure good utilisation of resources on an increasingly mature Norwegian continental shelf. And we will reduce emissions throughout the value chain. I am sure that the industry will contribute to employment and our common welfare for a long time to come.
  • Third, if we are to succeed, we need enough and the right expertise, technology and people. The changes will require you to use new technology, develop new and more effective solutions, and retain the amazing ability to adapt that not least your industry has shown many times.

Reduce Emmisions not Stop Development

She strongly emphasised our ability to develop new solutions and adapt to new times. Also, when we see new opportunities on the Norwegian continental shelf such as offshore wind, seabed minerals and carbon storage.

To succeed with the climate challenges means also to succeed with innovation, business development and new opportunities. Without the business community developing new solutions, we cannot manage to reduce emissions as much as we need. We want to reduce emissions, not stop development, Erna says.

She also adds that we must both reduce emissions and maintain value creation, jobs and ensure a sustainable welfare society. There is no other alternative. Norway will continue to be a reliable supplier of oil and gas, while reducing emissions.

– No matter how things go: It is good for the Norwegian economy to have more than "one leg to stand on". I am sure that knowledge and technology from the oil and gas industry will come in handy in many other areas and help create new jobs, Erna says.

Oil and Gas Technology Pushes Green Growth

– The petroleum industry creates innovation and technology development far beyond oil and gas. There are many examples from different areas, including the health sector, aerospace, offshore renewable energy and aquaculture.

We will continue to cultivate the close ties and cooperation we have in Norway between universities, research institutes, supplier companies and oil companies. Here lies the core of continued technology development, continued competence development and continued innovation.

Restructuring is something we know and can do. It is a strength in the face of new insecurity. The Norwegian continental shelf is full of energy and not least, the Norwegian continental shelf is part of the solutions of the future, Erna Solberg concludes.


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