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Discover Western Norway’s Exciting Energy Industry

Tampen, Gullfaks. Photo by Equinor.
Tampen, Gullfaks. Photo by Equinor.

We are launching a new magazine this week, where you can find out about the latest developments in the Norwegian energy industry.

This article was first published 23 June 2020.

The magazine features interviews with industry leaders on topics such as wind energy, CCS and hydrogen.

This includes updates from major companies such as TechnipFMC, OneSubsea and UNITECH Energy Group, about some of the innovative projects that they are working on.

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A Changing Industry

We’ve produced this magazine, “Powering the Future: Western Norway’s Energy Industry”, together with Invest in Bergen.

We’re aiming to shine a spotlight on the innovation that is happening in the Norwegian energy sector. According to Owe Hagesæther, CEO of GCE Ocean Technology, “There has never been a more exciting time to work in the energy industry.”

As Hagesæther explains, – This industry entered a new chapter in 2014, against the backdrop of falling oil prices along with the urge to contribute to a more sustainable use of the oceans. This combination of events spurred many businesses to transfer their know-how into new markets.

We are now seeing a new drop in the oil prices, coupled with the challenges of Covid-19, and our energy sector is once again reinventing itself.

Good for Business – and for the Environment

One key theme running through the magazine is that Norway’s oil and gas companies are branching out into new sustainable industries such as wind power, wave power and advanced aquaculture.

Hagesæther notes that this trend is “both good for the environment, as well as being vital for our economy".

– The OECD estimates that 40 million jobs will be created globally by 2030 in ocean-related industries, and that the total value creation of the ocean economy will double by 2030, he continues. – Norway is aiming to take its fair share of this growth.

In our magazine, you can discover how Norwegian companies are:

  • developing Europe's largest CCS scheme
  • storing hydrogen under the sea
  • and unlocking the potential of offshore wind energy.

Join our Blue Ecosystem in Western Norway

Many of these developments are centred around western Norway, which is fast becoming a global hub for the ocean industries.

If your company would like to join this innovative blue ecosystem, our partner Invest in Bergen would be happy to help.

They can assist you to start a company in Norway, introduce you to useful contacts, and help you to find commercial property – all free of charge.

GCE Ocean Technology are offering a multitude of services for companies within the ocean industries.

Learn more about membership in GCE Ocean Technology.

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Kjersti Boge Christensen

Communication Manager

Kjersti Boge Christensen

The magazine features interviews with industry leaders on topics such as wind energy, CCS and hydrogen.

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