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77 Million in ENOVA Support for CCB and ZEG Power

Photo by CCB

CCB and ZEG Power receive 77 million NOK from ENOVA, which supports emission-free hydrogen production and carbon capture at CCB Energy Park.

From Press Release

Enova has decided to commit 77.4 million NOK in investment support to CCB and ZEG Power for the establishment of an industrial pilot plant for carbon-neutral hydrogen production at CCB Energy Park in Øygarden municipality outside Bergen.

The investment support is made within Enova's program for piloting of new energy and climate technology and will be of great importance for future jobs.

Coast Center Base AS (CCB) is a proactive and innovative company with more than 45 years of experience in maritime, industrial, as well as oil and energy related markets.

CCB has great ambitions to participate actively in the development of climate-neutral technology and solutions. CCB makes its strategy and ambition visible by establishing a new company with a focus on production and services in climate-friendly areas.

The company wants to offer customer solutions in accordance with climate expectations.

The pilot plant will be established at CCB Energy Park in Øygarden municipality, but gradually the focus will be expanded to also include other locations nationally.

The illustration shows CCB Energy Park in Øygarden municipality outside Bergen. The plant will take care of the entire value chain with hydrogen, natural gas and CO2.

CCB has entered into a partnership with ZEG Power, a Norwegian technology company that has developed technology to produce hydrogen from gas with integrated CO2 capture, to establish production of carbon-neutral hydrogen from natural gas at CCB Energy Park.

CCB Energy Park is an ideal location for the use of natural gas for hydrogen production with efficient distribution solutions for the maritime sector, land transport and industrial players.

In a few years, the establishment of the Northern Lights Project (CCS) in the same location will provide the opportunity for receiving- and permanent storage of CO2 offshore.

Norwegian Technology will Produce Emission-free Hydrogen

Hydrogen will be a key energy carrier for lower emissions to industry, the maritime sector and heavy transport. Today, hydrogen is mainly produced from natural gas without carbon capture and storage (CCS), and an important technological development is to produce hydrogen cost-efficiently without climate-damaging emissions.

Through CCB's newly established company H2 Production AS, we will deliver high-efficiency and large-scale friendly hydrogen production with integrated carbon capture. The plant and the technology are based on ZEG Power's patented solution developed at Institutt For Energiteknikk (IFE).

The intention is to establish infrastructure and serve the logistics around sales and distribution in a comprehensive value chain. The long-term goal for CCB is to establish large-scale hydrogen production from CCB Energy Park with future deliveries of hydrogen in accordance with customers' wishes and requirements, whether this is pressurized, liquid or as ammonia.

ZEG power's technology makes it possible to efficiently produce emission-free hydrogen from natural gas, with carbon capture as an integral part. The pilot plant will be dimensioned for a hydrogen production of 30 kg / hour (approx. 250 tonnes / year), and will form the basis for a commercial product.

Production is scheduled to start as early as 2022. Until the CO2 storage facility is established, CCB and ZEG Power plan to use biogas as input gas to enable carbon-neutral hydrogen production.

With integrated CO2 capture and large-scale technology, future facilities will be able to contribute to delivering carbon-neutral hydrogen at competitive prices compared to current alternatives.

The pilot plant represents the first step in CCB and ZEG Power's expansion plan to build large-scale capacity for the production and delivery of cost-effective, carbon-neutral hydrogen from CCB Energy Park, and subsequent commercialization and international growth.

Read full press release (in Norwegian).

For more information contact:

Ronny Haufe
Executive Vice President CCB
Phone +47 913 50 660

Kathrine K. Ryengen
Phone +47 994 18 696

Nils Kristian Nakstad
CEO Enova
+ 47 906 04 334


The CCB Group includes a number of companies in several locations in Norway.

CCB offers varied services for maritime and petroleum-related activities, with the main emphasis on production, maintenance / port / and logistics services.

The group has approximately 450 employees and a turnover in 2019 of NOK 1.36 billion.

CCB has its head office at Ågotnes outside Bergen, where the Port of Bergen will also be located.

The owners, Bernhard Larsen Holding and Norsea Group, have established CCB Energy Holding for industrial development related to CCB Energy Park in Øygarden.

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ZEG Power is a Norwegian company that aims to offer the world a green alternative for energy production.

ZEG Power supplies technology and equipment for emission-free production of hydrogen and electricity from hydrocarbon gases.

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