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Finally - Technology Rights Taken Seriously

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For the first time in Bergen – a conference devoted to promoting practical insight into technology rights (IPR).

Technology rights deserve a place at the very core of business-strategies, given their potential of being a key value driver and/or a major troublemaker for most industrial enterprises.

What unites the members of our ocean technology-cluster is, as our name represents – technology. IPR is the legal basis for securing the knowledge, innovation and technology created within and among businesses. These rights may appear rather inaccessible, even to lawyers, and they are often being misunderstood and, worse, underrated.

Right Issues for Clusters

The intention behind the new “IPR Summit”, which aims at becoming an annual event held by cluster-member KLUGE, is to create a venue where technology rights (IPR) can be illuminated and discussed among practitioners, with practitioner’s perspectives, but at the same time with the presence and under the guidance of legal experts within the field.

This year’s event has a varied program, that ought to be relevant for most of our cluster-members, including inter alia a panel-debate on rights-issues related to collaboration in industry clusters, featuring the CEOs of GCE Ocean Technology, NCE Maritime Cleantech and NCE Media.

Go to read full programme or register.

Contact Information

Kjersti Boge Christensen

Communication and Event Manager

Kjersti Boge Christensen