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Deliver Secure Remote Communication Systems

Team Topsystems - from left CEO Jan Eskestrand, CTO Tom Erik Jonberg og CIO Sveinung Sveen.
Team Topsystems - from left: Jan Eskestrand (CEO), Tom Erik Jonberg (CTO) og Sveinung Sveen (CIO).

Topsystems is building the next generation encrypted and safe remote control communication systems for robotics and autonomous processes for the maritime industry.

Robotic automation is a rapidly evolving technology. Robots and autonomous processes will transform the maritime industry in numerous ways.

Topsystems will play a key role in designing, implementing our superior SW concept for remote operation and communication of robots and autonomous processes. We will also play a key role in deploying smart innovative sensors and cameras for the virtual operation. In the marine industry this could mean removing personnel from proximity of dangerous operation situations and replace them with robotics. This will significantly reduce these incidents and avoid serious accidents.

Cybercrime and Risks

As robots become more connected to internal systems for data collection, the cybersecurity risks increases. Cybercrime is an ongoing threat in 2019. Topsystems recognise the need for IT strategy for securing the remote communication in robotic automation and in the protection of company data. The consequences of failure to protect the following could be catastrophic:

  • Product information; including designs, plans, patent applications, source codes, and drawings
  • Financial information, including market assessments and your company’s own financial records
  • Customer information, including confidential information you hold on behalf of customers or clients

Protecting the data means protecting its confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

All three of these aspects include business losses, legal liability, and loss of company goodwill.

IT Security Strategy

Topsystems aims to secure and encrypt communication control systems to ensure that companies have an updated IT security strategy, in order to avoid hacking as in manipulation of processes and kidnapping (ransomware) of critical business data.

Quote from CFO Eivind Kallevik Norsk Hydro after the hacking incident: «the root of the problem was ransomware» - Estimated cost 100’s of millons NOK.

Predicting the future of security is not easy, but what we do know is that more connectivity across the board means higher vulnerability when it comes to security. Organisations will need to look at improving interoperability and efficiency to maintain enough segmentation for a strong foundation. With new trends and technology comes new roles and opportunities, however. From security content developers to automation engineers; these new roles will focus on optimising the security workflow and its tools.

Although we’d love to say hackers are a thing of the past, it won’t be the case in 2019. Now is the time for organisations to prove they are adaptable and willing to keep up with new trends and technologies, to keep themselves and their customers safe, as well as drive their businesses forward.

Check our example for operation Load-Master in transport of containers to offshore platforms.

For more information about what our dynamic team of Topsystems can do for your company – contact:

Jan Eskestrand
CEO / Partner
Phone: +47 4000 3550