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Important Contract for UNITECH

Photo of Zefyros owned by UNITECH. Photo by Christoffer Steinsvåg

Press release from UNITECH Offshore

Tetraspar Demonstrator Project – a joint project for the demonstration of the TetraSpar floating wind turbine technology between Innogy SE, Shell and Stiesdal Offshore Technologies A/S - has signed a supply contract with UNITECH Offshore AS for a dynamic power cable and grid connection for the full-scale floating wind turbine demo outside Karmøy 2020.

Experts from UNITECH, the Tetraspar Demonstrator Project and its investors have been working together under an Early Work Agreement up to the signing of the main contract October 29th.

– UNITECH is very proud of being selected and to be given the opportunity to contribute to the success of the TetraSpar Demonstration Project. We are looking very much forward to continue working with the experts of Shell, Innogy and Stiesdal Offshore Technologies and to help move the floating wind industry closer to commercialization, says Gunnar Birkeland (CEO).

UNITECH has developed a new product catalogue for Offshore Wind and other Offshore and Subsea applications in need for robust and cost-efficient power cables. The new series of Dynamic Power Cables is designed for failure-free operations in the Floating Wind Turbine (FWT) industry and is based on years of experience and study of the known failure mechanisms in subsea cables.

The FWT Zefyros (former Hywind Demo) has been chosen as the connection point (hub) to the onshore grid. Zefyros is owned by UNITECH and is part of the National Infrastructure “Sustainable Energy Norwegian Catapult Center” dedicated for these kinds of projects. The hub is a cost-efficient alternative compared to installing new export cable to land for the full-scale demonstration projects coming.

Contact Information

Gunnar Birkeland
Phone: +47 555 46 735

UNITECH Offshore

UNITECH is a privately-owned company with headquarter Bergen and facilities in Houston, Perth, Singapore and on the West Coat of Norway. For four decades, UNITECH has supported the clients within subsea Oil and Gas Operation all over the world with state-of-the-art inventions, design and technology. The product portfolio includes connectors and fully-terminated umbilical and cable for topside and subsea applications which are designed and made by UNITECH.

UNITECH equipment and people support some of the world’s most challenging subsea projects, from the North Sea and U.S. Gulf of Mexico to offshore Australia, Asia and West Africa. Since 2012 UNITECH has made significant investments in the manufacturing facility at Stord, Norway for umbilical and high voltage dynamic power cables.

Tetraspar Demonstrator project

The TetraSpar Demonstrator Project is a joint project between Shell (66% shareholder), innogy SE (33% shareholder) and Stiesdal Offshore Technologies A/S (SOT). Final investment decision was taken in Feb 2019 and the full scale demo will be located approximately 10km from shore in water depths of 200m at the test site of the Marine Energy Test Centre (Metcentre) near Haugesund in Norway.

The demonstration project will use a 3.6MW SGRE direct drive offshore wind turbine. Its modular layout consists of a tubular steel main structure with a suspended keel. It is expected to offer important competitive advantages over existing floating wind concepts, with the potential for leaner manufacturing, assembly and installation processes with lower material costs.