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Creating Value with Suppliers

Ronny Bakke from Dimeq in dialogue with Kari Marvik from NORCE
Ronny Bakke from Dimeq in dialogue with Kari Marvik from NORCE.

Equinor presented their product portfolio and emphasized the importance of a strong and close collaboration with the supply chain to deliver upcoming projects, at our annual Møteforum.

Møteforum is an event consisting of cluster speed-dating and professional input. It was first arranged in 2007 and has since then remained one of our most popular annual events.

Møteforum was very educational and exciting. It was a unique opportunity to meet and discuss with existing and potential customers, said Julie Steensæth, Technical Sales Engineer from Corvus Energy.

Five International Mega Projects in the Pipeline

Frode Sivertsen is category manager in Equinor's procurement unit and is responsible for the contract portfolio within subsea equipment and installations. Sivertsen highlighted the importance of their suppliers in his presentation.

Equinor spend the majority of their investments on products and services from Norwegian suppliers which amounted to more than 100 billion NOK last year. The activity level is expected to be high in the years to come, both in Norway and internationally.

Sivertsen mentioned five international mega projects in the pipelines with new FPSO’s. – The procurement strategy for international projects will be different than for the Norwegian sector. We will to a larger degree base our projects on a few, large contracts with main system suppliers which are well know and have experience in the respective regions, said Sivertsen.

Siversen also mentioned the Peon project in Norway, which might be the first unmanned flowing production facility, representing “The field of the future”.

Offshore Wind from MW to GW

The renewable energy part of Equinor will also increase rapidly over the next few years. – We will move from the MW to GW scale on projects in the next few years and this means very large investments. The joint venture of Equinor and SSE is expected to invest about 100 billion NOK at the Doggerbank field alone in the coming years. This is in the same order of magnitude as the investments in Johan Sverdrup Phase 1, Sivertsen concluded.

Deliver through Technology

Dag Raymond Rasch presented DOF Subsea’s perspective on the challenges and opportunities for marine service providers. Rasch highlighted the importance of close collaboration and local presence internationally. He gave different examples of ongoing projects from seabed mapping in the Norwegian and Greenland Sea, projects in Angola as well as the new partnership with Kværner at Hywind Tampen.

The technology trends for subsea are more technology and smaller or no boats. It is increased focus on proactive and preventive maintenance and limited scope for maintenance work.

200 Meetings in Two Hours

Over 40 companies from the cluster took part in close to 200 one-on-one meetings altogether, with other partners and members during the two hours of speed-dating.

Each company met with up to eight other companies from the cluster. Each meeting lasted for about 11 minutes, so, the pitch had to be specific with the aim to catch an interest and agree on a follow-up meeting which many succeeded in.

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Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang


GCE Ocean Technology Møteforum is an annual event aimed to establish new collaboration and partnerships in the cluster. The event starts with two introductory presentation followed by 8 one-to-one meetings.

Møteforum gives our partners and members the opportunity to present the products and services that they sell or wish to buy, and collaborative project ideas to each other.