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Catapult Projects in Progress

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A Catapult center accelerates the process from concept to market launch of a product. We have identified several Catapult projects that are in the process of being executed and where new, shared test equipment is about to being installed and operational.

GCE Ocean Technology finalized a pilot project for SIVA earlier this autumn. The task was to identify at least ten innovation projects throughout Norway within the ocean industries that can be accelerated through the five Catapult centres that have been established.

Many Projects in Process

We have succeeded in identifying a wide range of possible Catapult projects, which can be categorised as follows;

  • Four large joint projects, two within additive manufacturing and two within aquaculture
  • Six industry projects within ocean and energy
  • Eight SMEs within aquaculture
  • Several companies have shown interest in a new RAS-lab under construction
  • Six companies were interested in design and pilot prototyping using additive manufacturing
  • Two cases from other industries, that have been taken forward as Catapult projects at the Manufacturing Technology Catapult at Raufoss

New Infrastructure Available Soon

A key part of the Catapult programme is to support the industry with competence and infrastructure. The Ocean Innovation Catapult is currently investing in shared equipment for additive manufacturing (3D printing) in metal and Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS). The new infrastructure will be available sonn to anyone who wants to rent it.

If you would like to use  the Ocean Innovation Catapult or learn more, get in touch, so we can assist you on your way forwards.

Contact Information regarding Ocean Innovation Catapult:

Gisle Nondal
Phone: +47 957 71 846

Bjarte Horn
Phone: +47 901 21 263

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

Senior Ocean Technology Innovator

Jon O. Hellevang

Norwegian Catapult

The Norwegian Catapult Programme is a governmental scheme designed to assist the establishment and development of catapult centres, with the purpose of accelerating the process from concept to market launch of the product.

Five Norwegian Catapult Centre have been established to give you the best competence and test equipment to accelerate your development from idea to the marked.

The programme is administered by The Industrial Development Corporation of Norway (SIVA) on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, in partnership with Innovation Norway and The Research Council of Norway.