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Subsea Market Insight Seminar - DAY 0

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The Underwater Technology Conference in Bergen in June is approaching. A number of keynote topics have been selected by the programme committee to underpin the title, and to reflect what is perceived as important topics and trends with influence on the subsea oil and gas industry.

For our 25th conference we focus on the global energy perspective with due consideration to impact of renewable energies and possible technology crossovers between the different energy sectors.

The Subsea Market Insight Seminar takes place at USF Verftet and is followed by the Icebreaker social event in the evening of 11 June.

Programme Day 0

UTF Subsea Award 2019

The Underwater Technology Foundation (UTF) Subsea Award is designed to recognize the many outstanding achievements within the subsea industry.

The award can be given to a person or a group of people that have contributed to knowledge and understanding in subsea technology through new products, services and/or processes.

On the basis of UTF position in the industry, UTF will credit the individuals behind new breakthroughs and innovation. Furthermore, we will share the story of the winner, not only with you, but also through our partner Offshore Engineer, to a wider audience outside the UTC conference halls.

The objective is to tell everyone with a brilliant idea what it takes to succeed and what all the work resulted in for the industry. The jury has been appointed by the UTF board and consists of prominent individuals from valuable UTF partners.

  • Nominate a project for the UTF Award
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The Underwater Technology Conference (UTC) has a well-known history of presenting highly competent speakers on current and important topics for the subsea industry.

UTC is hosted by Underwater Technology Foundation (UTF) and GCE Ocean Technology.