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Revised Strategy is Launched

Illustration of Ocean Industries, by GCE Ocean Technology
Illustration of Ocean Industries, by GCE Ocean Technology

The cluster has revised its strategy which is reflected in the name-change from GCE Subsea to GCE Ocean Technology. We increase our focus on market and digitalisation.

Since the cluster was established in 2006, we have performed two major strategic processes. Furthermore, the strategy has been revised approximately every third year. The current strategy revision is an update to the more comprehensive strategy process conducted in 2014-2015, before entering the GCE-programme.

Download the revised strategy.

Robust and Flexible Strategy

Throughout the different strategy processes we have focused on joint challenges and opportunities for the cluster, which is independent of short-term variations for example oil and gas prices. We have also built in flexibility in annual budgets to address topics that are relevant in the current business environment.

It is always important to focus on the marked, and following the price downturn in 2014, the cluster changed its strategy to focus on subsea solutions beyond oil and gas. This strategy has been a great success with several companies transforming their businesses to serve a multitude of different markets. The current strategy continues this focus in addition to increasing focus on digitalisation across the supply chain.

Continuation of Main Goal

The main goal of the cluster will be as earlier; to increase the cluster’s competitiveness and global market share and take a leading position in sustainable utilisation of ocean resources.

Our previous focus area Ocean Innovation has been merged with the Market area becoming a global ocean industry market area.
Focus areas forwards are:

  • Market
  • Competence and infrastructure
  • Technology
  • Entrepreneurship and business development
  • Digitalisation and supply chain innovation

Contact Information

Owe Hagesæther

Chief Executive Officer

Owe Hagesæther