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A View from the Other Side of the Table

From left Carina Nødland from CCB with Celine Ban Terøy, Underwater Technology student from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.
From left Carina Nødland from CCB Subsea with Celine Ban Terøy, Underwater Technology student from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.

Carina Nødland, from CCB Subsea, participated as a student at Storm i et Vannglass in 2016 – this year she contributed as an industry representative to share her ocean industry experiences with the students.

Every year we, and other clusters from the ocean industries, invite students in Bergen to meet with the blue industries for three hours of exiting lectures and «speed-dates».

Carina Nødland from cluster member CCB Subsea at Ågotnes was one of the representatives from our cluster that took part in Storm i et Vannglass this year. Carina participated herself as a student in 2016.

– When I was a student in 2016 I had not been involved in anything similar before. I was already quite active in attending fairs of various kinds, where I spoke with companies who were exhibiting. Storm i et Vannglass was exciting for me as it was a new way to get to know the different players. In addition, the focus was on the ocean industry, and it was interesting to get to know other parts of the industry.

Carine continues – The speed date section was very exciting. There were ten minutes in which the company representatives were seated at fixed tables and the students were given an overview of who to talk to. I had the opportunity to talk to many different people from different parts of the industry. It was both educational and a little more relaxed way to get to know the industry, says Carina.

Turning Tables

This time the roles have shifted and we asked Carina how she experienced sitting at the «other side of the table». – Storm i et Vannglass this year was very good. There were exciting presentations where one gained insight into the work the different companies do. Some of the companies presented cases that the students could solve where the prize was internships.

The event is a very nice opportunity to get in touch with the industry and gain practical experience. There was also great focus on thinking outside the box. Students were encouraged to talk to corporate representatives who may not be completely within the field of study they take. During the speed date, it was fun to sit at the opposite end of the table although, one is nevertheless a little nervous and wants to get a conversation that flows well. I had many good conversations with plesent and committed students, Carina concludes.

Contact Information

Bjarte Fagerås

Senior R&D Advisor

Bjarte Fagerås

Storm i et vannglass

Storm i et Vannglass is a yearly event where we want to give the city's students inspiration to seek out the blue industries.

Would you like to give the students an insight into your business? Join us next year.