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Regulatory Reporting with Pro Analysis’ Argus® Oil-in-Water Monitor

Online continuous oil-in-water analyzers have been used by the oil and gas industry for produced water management for years. Although, the use of online analyzers have mainly been limited to process trending and process optimization purposes.

Press Release

As the world first oil-in-water monitor, Argus® is now approved and preferred by both Equinor and AkerBP for regulatory compliance monitoring. This substantially increases the operators efficiency and reporting accuracy when validating its compliance to environmental standards. It also puts Pro Analysis and Bergen (Norway) in the forefront of technology development, fighting to reduce the environmental risk in oil and gas production.

With a decline in oil and gas production in mature basin such as the North Sea, there is an increasing emphasis on maximizing the recovery of the remaining reserves using unconventional techniques (e.g. waterflooding). This have created challenges for produced water management, and a need for making use of online oil-in-water analyzers for reporting purposes.

In competition with other oil-in-water monitors, Pro Analysis’ oil-in-water monitor Argus® have been selected as the preferred analyzer for regulatory reporting. According to the operators this is due to Argus® unique features that benefits operators world-wide:

  • Patented automatic ultrasound self-cleaning technology,
  • Robust measuring principle from Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF)
  • In-line probe design
  • Accuracy to comply to requirements (OSPAR, BEIS, Norsk Olje & Gass)

By using Argus® for regulatory reporting Equinor and AkerBP get more accurate discharge data, as well as more efficient oil and gas production. In turn, this paves the way for their use of unconventional techniques of production that allows the operator to maximize recovery.

About Pro Analysis

Pro Analysis AS is established in Bergen and is located at Møhlenpris. Argus® is the company's proprietary technology for maintenance-free and continuous monitoring of oil in produced water.
Since 2005, Pro Analysis has delivered over 220 systems to oil and gas operators worldwide. In recent years, the company has won several contracts internationally, and over 80% of the company's turnover now comes from abroad.

– The approval of Argus® for regulatory reporting confirms the level of quality in our product, and shows that Pro Analysis upholds its position as world leading supplier of oil-in-water monitors, says CEO Gunnar Alfheim.

Pro Analysis AS is part of Holta & Haaland Oil and Gas.



Gunnar Alfheim, CEO
Phone:+47 5521 0070

Stian Magnussen, R&D Manager
Phone: +47 5521 0068