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New Additions to Our Cluster

State secretary for the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Rikard Gaarder Knutsen, visited our cluster in May. On our tour of the premises we visited Njål Bragstad from Rapid Hull. A new member who sits in the incubator at VIS.
State Secretary for the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Rikard Gaarder Knutsen, visited our cluster in May. On our tour of the premises we visited Njål Bragstad from Rapid Hull. A new start-up member who sits in the incubator at VIS.

GCE Ocean Technology has welcome 23 new members to our cluster in 2019.

A cluster requires a strong, consistant core of solid organisations that are stimulated by entrepreneurs and newcomers that offer disruptive technology and challenges the industry.

A Cluster in Growth

23 new actors have become members this year and our cluster now comprises 122 partners and members within our innovative ecosystem of ocean technology players.

If your company is operating in the ocean industries and wants to interact and innovate with other actors, we encourrage you to join our cluster.

Our new members of 2019 are:

Allianse Innovasjon AS
Helps oil and gas companies from initial concept generation for subsea development to operational support. Read more.

Aquafarm Equipment AS
Aquafarm Equipment has solved some of the biggest challenges faced by modern aqua-culture industry. They have developed a cost-effective, closed fish cage for post-smolt production that prevents the escape of fish, drastically reduces the risk of salmon louse, and reduces the release of organic nutrients and waste into the surrounding environment. Read more.

Argentum Asset Management AS
Argentum is the state's fund for investments in active equity funds, often called private equity. Active equity funds invest in companies that are not listed on the stock exchange, and they contribute with capital, knowledge and networks to develop the companies. Read more.

Bergen Carbon Solutions AS
Bergen Carbon Solutions use innovative technology to produce carbon nanofiber, a groundbreaking material with applications in everything from energy storage to protective clothing. Read more.

ConditionALL AS
Specialists on valves, condition monitoring and leakage testing of valves available on request. Services and consulting offered both offshore and in-house. Read more.

Corvus Norway AS
Supplier of safe, innovative and reliable energy storage solutions for all segments in the maritime industry. Read more.

Develogic Norway AS
Develops and manufactures turn-key customized data-acquisition and telemetry solutions for marine monitoring applications. Read more.

Digibolt AS
Sales and development of new technology for measuring tension in bolts. Read more.

Dimeq AS
Develop technical safety systems for use on board ships and offshore units. The company will develop both software and hardware for use in these systems. Read more.

Eelume AS
Delivers disruptive technology for subsea inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR). Read more.

Front Innovation AS
The company specialises in helping companies finance government-funded innovation projects. Read more.

Holocene AS
As a company, they are looking to use local waste to provide power, heat, and water. Read more.

INC Invest AS
INC Invest is the is the parent company with the overall responsibility for following up and operating the companies within the various business areas in the group. The company also has a coordinating function against the other companies in the INC Group. Read more.

Offshore Power Plant AS
A leading energy company that offers climate friendly technology nationally and internationally using natures own power and knowledge. This through old and new technology - knowledge, research and development. Read more.

Rapid Hull AS
Development of technical equipment aimed at shipping. No wesite yet, so contact GCE Ocean Technology for more information.

Sarsia Seed Management AS
Sarsia Seed is a Norwegian Seed Capital Fund which invests in Norwegian early phase technology companies within the energy / technology and biotechnology / life science sectors. Read more.

Sealab Ocean Group AS
Develops unique camera systems with crisp images for monitoring and analysis in the aquaculture industry. The systems integrate camera, light, sensory, mechanics and software. Read more.

Semco Maritime AS
World leaders in turnkey solutions for offshore wind and EPC project developer, investor and contractor for onshore power plants. Read more.

Sharecat Solutions AS
Sharecat is a company who incorporates the SHAREcat software with technical information and data specialist services for the oil and gas industry. Read more.

Smartfeatures AS
Research, development and sales of advanced systems based on machine learning. No website yet so contact GCE Ocean Technology for more information.

TEFO Forretningsutvikling AS
Offers project management within innovation and business development. Read more.

Topsystems AS
Develops innovative and secure SW technology for remote operating drones and robots in harsh environments. Provision of studies and front-end services, product and complete project execution including Remote Governing and Monitoring IT System, assembling and installation. Read more.

Transmark Subsea
Specialist in complete subsea connection solutions. Read more.

On behalf of the cluster we are happy to welcome all of our new members and are looking forward to future collaboration.

Contact Information

Owe Hagesæther

Chief Executive Officer

Owe Hagesæther

Why Cluster

International research shows that business clusters lead to higher employment, greater economic growth and improved productivity.

Innovation in terms of new technology, new products and services more often takes place inside an industry cluster than outside.