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New Cluster Member

image of Jannicke Bøe Liebenberg
Jannicke Bøe Liebenberg, Regional Manager West, Front Innovation. Photo by Jon Danielsen.

Gazelle company winner of 2018, Front Innovation, has become member of the cluster.

In January 2019, Stavanger based Front Innovation AS started a branch office in Bergen. – The company is growing fast and the ambition is to establish ourselves close to the customers and important markets, and to take a strong position within our field in Bergen and Hordaland, says Ola Thuen Neergaard, CEO of the company.

Help Companies with Funding

Front Innovation was launched in 2014 by two keen and talented entrepreneurs, and the company specialises in helping companies finance government-funded innovation projects, thus reducing risk. – We do more than write applications. We help them identify innovation projects and we assist throughout the entire phase of the funding, says Thuen Neergaard.

– We also help companies seek support for energy-saving investments that are not related to R&D or innovation, he adds.

The Bergen Branch

To head the branch in Bergen and Hordaland, Front Innovation has employed Jannicke Bøe Liebenberg as regional manager. She has experience from Schibsted where she has worked for nine years, of which the last four years as sales and marketing manager in Sysla.

– Getting involved in starting this venture in Bergen is incredibly exciting. I am very fascinated by what Front Innovation has achieved since 2014 and I am convinced that we can add an expertise in this field in Bergen that does not exist today, says Bøe Liebenberg.

– What is most important to us in the beginning is to get closer to existing customers in the region, at the same time as we are going to make ourselves known and acquire new customers. As part of our growth and expansion, we want to take an even clearer position within certain areas and industries where the degree of innovation is high, consequently, it is quite natural for us to look to the ocean industries were we already have several customers that we are working with, says Bøe Liebenberg.

– It is important for us to be represented in the right forums to be able to obtain sufficient insight and expertise about the challenges facing the companies and industries, hence it was desirable for us to become part of the cluster environment in GCE Ocean Technology were we hope to establish good contacts and being able to assist more companies within our expertise area, she adds.

She hopes that there will be many who are interested in learning more about them and would like to have a non-binding chat about where there may be opportunities.

– We always create customer value before pay, so it is only when the delivery has yielded results that we charge for the job. There is therefore little risk for companies to give us a chance, she concludes.

For more information:

If you want to hear more about what Front Innovation can do for your company contact:

Jannicke Bøe Liebenberg
Phone: +47 932 00 934

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Front Innovation

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We are proud to be able to contribute to our customers. Our contribution is our expertise in innovation finance.

Our focus is on seeing opportunities, having the knowledge to perform and having time to follow up on our customers.

We assist companies - from small technology companies to larger listed companies - to realize their R&D and energy management projects.

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