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Additive Manufacturing Executive Training

offshore illustration
Photo by DNV GL

DNV GL offers a half-day course 25 April in Bergen, intended for executives, leaders and managers that provide insights into “What is additive manufacturing, its potential, and value creation in different business models”.

Despite the huge potential of additive manufacturing (AM), there is still a limited adaption in different industries, especially in oil and gas and maritime. Is the challenge of implementing AM inherent to challenges in the technology or due to lack of awareness of the AM/business potential in the top management?

Most industry leaders are aware of Industry 4.0 (digitalisation) as that is going to influence their businesses. AM is an integral part of Industry 4.0 and the top management in most companies will feel the influence sooner or later.
This half day course will give you an overview of the business potentials, already proven examples in different industries, but also limitations of AM.

During the course you will see 3D printing live, and we will provide you with an overview of the technologies for you to further explore whether our organization can benefit from this technology.

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