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Condusive Discussions and Engagement at Partnerforum

Meeting in session image
Photo by GCE Subsea - GCE Subsea Partnerforum 2018

Partners of the GCE Subsea cluster gathered this week to provide input to the facilitator management about future efforts and strategic direction.

Most of our partners were present at GCE Subsea Partnerforum this year which was held at the newly refurbished Hotel Norge in Bergen.

Engaging Workshop

Jon Arve Sværen, Chairman at GCE Subsea (VP of OneSubsea) welcomed everyone and immediately passed the ball over to present partners –It is primarily the partners who lay the premises for the cluster, so this is your meeting, Sværen stated which resulted in an engaging workshop later.

Cluster History and Future

A historic timeline from 2014 up until now was drawn, to create the back-drop for the workshop by Owe Hagesæther, CEO at GCE Subsea and he went on to present potential strategic directions for the future.

There was great consensus among the partners that GCE Subsea should take a long term view and evolve according to the industry's ambition of an ocean industry and according to the governments ambitions in their ocean strategy – “new growth, proud history”.

"We, as partners of the cluster have an obligation to offer time, resources and funding to the cluster. Kurt Andreassen, CEO Coast Center Base"

The take away from the workshop that followed will be included in the on-going strategic work performed by an appointed project group consisting of the facilitator and representatives from the cluster and will be presented in the board meeting 6 December.

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Contact Information

Owe Hagesæther

Chief Executive Officer

Owe Hagesæther