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Picture of Linyu
Linyu Liu, student intern at GCE Subsea

Linyu Liu has been working as a student intern at GCE Subsea from June to December this year and as a top student at Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) she has significantly increased innovation capability in the cluster.

Linyu has supported GCE Subsea’s cluster members for free with their commercialisation strategy and business plans in the context of internationalisation. Specifically, she has worked on three main projects and deliveries within the cluster.

A Great Support for the Cluster Members

The company Pipe Pilot needed help to develop their market entry strategy and business model to enable crossover from the oil and gas market to the geothermal business. Linyu supported this process and deliveries included market and competitor analysis in the context of the European geothermal market as well as a business model.

Furthermore, Linyu supported Heavelock amongst others with retrieving successful EU funding for scale-up and moreover she supported WiSub with preparing a market entry strategy for crossover from the oil and gas market to drone charging infrastructure and autonomous trucks. All of these companies are members of the GCE Subsea cluster.

The Student Experience

Liu stated about her experience – I appreciate very much the opportunity and trust that GCE Subsea gave to me and I feel so honored to work with such fantastic people who are always careful, inspiring, and considerate. This internship provides me with a wonderful chance to learn more about clusters in Norway and also learn more about start-ups.

She continues, – It is always interesting and exciting to see how things worked together in a cluster to increase the innovativeness of a company, a cluster, a region, and a country. At the same time, working on challenging tasks, for example, developing business plans with start-ups and communicating with experts in various areas, always equips me with more professional knowledge and lends me more confidence.

In sum, this valuable internship opportunity does not only give me hands-on opportunity to practice on a specific area, it also let me gain insights on career choices and talk with people who work in different industries, Liu concludes.

Our Experience

In her time with our cluster, Linyu has performed cross-disciplinary work, relationship development and network building across Europe. – Linyu has been a great resource to both our team and the broader ocean industries ecosystem in Marineholmen in Bergen, says Poppy Kalesi.

– She has demonstrated a great ability to work both independently and in cross-disciplinary, international teams, applied critical thinking and prioritisation skills in often uncertain and conflicting contexts and increased innovation and commercialisation capabilities both in the cluster companies she has supported and in the cluster team.

GCE Subsea would like to thank Linyu for her great efforts during her time in the cluster and would strongly recommend other companies to recruit students to assist them in their daily work.

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Gisle Nondal

R&D Manager

Gisle Nondal