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International Collaboration in Ocean Industries

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GCE Subsea has as the first Norwegian Cluster organisation, been evaluated and recorded as a member and partner in The BluTech Cluster Alliance.

This is a probably the most competent and capable ocean industry collaboration in the world states Owe Hagesæther, CEO GCE Subsea.

Our intention is to establish collaboration among the world’s leading ocean technology nations and organisations. This will help us staying in the very top leagues and open up new markets and more business opportunities for our members, Hagesæther continues.

There are now nine members represented by the leading BlueTech clusters in eight countries. These are in addition to Norway, Canada, France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, UK and the U.S.

The clusters will leverage differences in their structures, funding sources and areas of focus to promote sustainable, science-based ocean and water industries. BTCA will advance cluster-to-cluster and B2B collaboration “…through events and initiatives that promote the Blue Economy and share common goals of fostering economic development, innovation and scientific discovery in the Ocean domain.” BTCA will be expanding membership to other BlueTech clusters that promote international cross-cluster collaboration.

These are members of the BlueTech Cluster Alliance (BTCA):

  • Forum Oceano (Portugal)
  • Marine Institute (Ireland)
  • Oceans Advance (Canada)
  • PLOCAN (Spain)
  • Pole Mer Mediterranee (France)
  • Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique (France)
  • The Maritime Alliance (U.S.)
  • UK Blue Growth Network (UK)
  • GCE Subsea (Norway)

Michael Jones, President of The Maritime Alliance in San Diego, CA, says “We are entering into this MoU as a declaration that we are stronger and can get more accomplished by collaborating. BTCA will promote BlueTech cluster outreach and our success will depend on cross-cluster collaboration that develops.”

Contact Information

Owe Hagesæther

Chief Executive Officer

Owe Hagesæther

BlueTech Cluster Alliance

Several mature and leading ocean clusters in the main ocean economies around the world, have come together to launch a global BlueTech Cluster Alliance (BTCA) to foster innovation and economic development in the maritime domain.

The mission of BTCA is to promote sustainable investment and growth of the knowledge-based ocean and water industries to the mutual benefit of all parties.

This will in turn facilitate networking, disseminate knowledge and open up potential markets among the clusters.