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Imenco - Successful Crossover

Olve Byre, Imenco presenting their underwater camera at Aqua Nor 2017 in Trondheim
Olve Byre, Imenco presenting their underwater camera at Aqua Nor 2017 in Trondheim

Imenco has had strategic focus on crossover from the oil and gas market to other related ocean industries, and has already reaped fruits from these efforts, securing contracts both within the offshore wind industry and within aquaculture.


After the downturn in the oil and gas sector, Imenco decided to enter new markets to grow their business. The Offshore Wind and Aquaculture markets were chosen based on time to market and opportunities.


Imenco first started working towards the offshore wind market, where they experienced a demand for their cathodic protection systems. With minimal customisation, they could deliver their anode clamps for corrosion protection, to major offshore wind farms.

– When entering Aquaculture, we analysed the market and saw a demand for better and more future proven camera technology. Since we have been a leading supplier of subsea cameras to the oil and gas sector, this was a great opportunity for Imenco to enter a new market. We decided to develop an IP based system with the highest image quality available and started developing software for simultaneous lice counting and fish feed pellet detection, says Olve Byre, Head of sales at Imenco.

GCE Subsea

– We have been awarded financial pre-project support from GCE Subsea for investigating solutions for automatic salmon lice detection. We have also participated in crossover workshops arranged by GCE Subsea and that has helped us to understand the markets better and given us important contacts within these new markets, continues Byre.


Offshore Wind is already established as a vital part of Imenco’s business. They have won major contracts and they are important as reference projects in the growing market for offshore wind and are especially welcome at a time when the traditional offshore market is going through a very demanding period.

– We received orders from clients before we even started the development of the camera system for Aquaculture. During the development period this was helpful, putting pressure on delivery and quality. Now we have gained interest from all over the world and we believe the Aquaculture market needs a supplier focusing on quality, service and competitive pricing, Byre concludes.

"Entering new markets is challenging, but it is our belief that using core competence to reduce time-to-market is essential to be successful, says Olve Byre at Imenco.

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Contact Information

Owe Hagesæther

Chief Executive Officer

Owe Hagesæther


Ocean Innovation is one of six focus areas in GCE Subsea’s strategy, with the aim to raise awareness of the possibilities and potential in utilising subsea technology within related industries.

We call it Crossover, and we have initially chosen aquaculture, marine renewable energy and deep sea mining, where we will explore areas of common interest, learning and possibilities.