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Best Student in Underwater Technology, Florø

From left: Grethe Amundsen, Rotary Florø, Joakim Nyland, HVL and, on behalf of GCE Subsea, Beate Solheim Grønnevik, Maritim Forening Sogn og Fjordane
From left: Grethe Amundsen, Rotary Florø, Joakim Nyland, HVL and, on behalf of GCE Subsea, Beate Solheim Grønnevik, Maritim Forening Sogn og Fjordane

Joakim Nyland was announced winner of best student in Underwater Technology at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL), department of Florø. Joakim is 21 years old and comes from Førde. The award was handed to Joakim on Friday 16 June.

In a poll amongst fellow students, Joakim Nyland was elected best student, and is undoubtedly a worthy winner, and received top grades in almost all subjects.

Bachelor Thesis

Joakim also attended a group that wrote a brilliant Bachelor Thesis which presents a new method in dynamics; The Moving Frame Method (MFM), which they use to investigate the effects of gyroscopic stabilisers on a barge. In collaboration with AKVA Group, a scale model of a barge used in fish farming was tested to determine the hydrodynamic properties of the barge. The same model was used to validate the theoretical analysis on gyroscopic stabilisers.

– Considering the increase in Norway’s aquaculture which has led to fish farming sites moving further offshore, there is a need for reducing the roll motions of the floating vessels. One way of addressing this challenge is using gyroscopic stabilisers mounted on the vessels, says Joakim Nyland.

Joakim`s study coordinator at HVL, Øyvind Østrem, has followed Joakim for three years.

– Joakim is a hard working student, always attending classes and always prepared. He is popular amongst his fellow students and always willing to share his knowledge. Due to good academic skills and good grades he has worked as student assistant in several subjects. I am glad he won the price, he deserves it, Østrem ends.

Student and Father

In December Joakim became the father of a little boy, Julian. – I work while he is sleeping and try to help out as much as I can while he is awake. For me, it has been important to work every day and not to procratinate things that should have been done. I think that’s the main secret behind good grades and in addition always attend classes, says Joakim.

Going for Master’s Degree

Though it has been a tough study and challenging to combine with a family, Joakim is not afraid of continuing to study.

– I think I will go for a Master’s degree in Cybernetics at NTNU. It is a combination of automation, dynamics and mathematics, a bit of a robot-like study. It is probably attractive in many industries based on the digital world we live in, Joakim ends.

Award to Encourage

GCE Subsea and Rotary Florø initiated the award when the study in Florø was established in 2013. – GCE Subsea was involved in establishing the study in Florø and we collaborate with the students on a regular basis, says Trond Strømgren, Subsea Innovator GCE Subsea. – The student award is our compliment to the students and the effort they make during this three-year long bachelor study, Strømgren concludes.