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New Subsea Concept Receives Funding

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GCE Subsea was represented at the Research Council of Norway’s Idea Lab 2016 in Oslo 7-9 June. A number of projects materialised during the lab, one of them involved offshore wind and subsea technology.

Trond Strømgren, Subsea Innovator at GCE Subsea, was among the 23 nationally selected participants taking part in the Idea Lab aiming to develop the ocean space. The agenda focused on transitional changes and technological transfers between ocean industries. The participants were chosen based on their ability to produce ground-breaking projects in collaboration with new contacts.

Connecting Offshore Wind and Subsea Technology

Strømgren and four representatives from SINTEF, Subsea Valley and the subsea industry formed a group that worked out the concept OFFSH2ORE. One of the ideas from the concept is to increase total system energy production from offshore wind and make a more stable energy supply. – The use of subsea technology will be necessary to bring us towards our goal, says Strømgren. Details about the concept will be presented at a later stage.

All together seven project groups were formed competing for 8 million Norwegian Kroner of funding. Strømgren’s project group, and the concept OFFSH2ORE was awarded a shared first price of 2,75 million Norwegian Kroner. The Research Council of Norway will make the formal approval in a few weeks.

A Strong and Progressive Project

The Research Council of Norway gave honour to the group's concept OFFSH2ORE, saying that they gave an impressive presentation by a strong team representing core competencies and industries needed in this concept. -The concept has a high wow factor and is very relevant to the call, says mentor Lars Erik Mangset on behalf of the organisers. The group will work out the time frames for the project later this month.

Value Added for the Industry

SINTEF employee Magnus Skinlo Thomassen initiated the concept idea. He works as Senior Research Scientist at the Department of Sustainable Energy Technology in Trondheim and focuses on hydrogen issues. – I look forward to collaborate with the representatives from the subsea industry in the project, states Thomassen. – Contact between research and industry will be crucial for developing a successful project.

GCE Subsea and Subsea Valley will connect the subsea industry to the project. – We need technology development for the concept. A successful project will add value to the Norwegian subsea industry, says Strømgren. –Hopefully the project will be one of the contributions to secure our world leading position within subsea technology, Strømgren ends.

Aquaculture, Marine Production and New Ideas

Tomas Eikelid, CEO at Sogn Industry and a GCE Subsea member, also took part in the Idea Lab. He presented a new fish farming concept with concrete cages, including a number of additional functions.

Other projects focused on the recycling of waste from fish farming, monitoring of fish health using micro sensors, growing eatable algae in the ocean, establishing offshore floating and energy producing areas, distribution of electrical energy using a battery bank ship and use of mother ships and autonomous drones to explore and harvest from the sea.

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