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Transforming Offshore Operations With 4Subsea

20. June 2024, 12:00 - 12:40


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You are invited to our lunch webinar on 4Subsea’s offshore decision support tool - powered by Microsoft Azure. It automates data collection, calculates operability, and provides a transparent basis for decision-making.

Picture yourself on an offshore construction vessel in the midst of a critical operation.

The weather is turning, and the decision to proceed or abort lies in your hands. The process is familiar: gather analysis reports, study operational limits, analyze weather forecasts, and construct a convincing case for the vessel operation managers - all in a very short time frame.

The risks are real - a misinterpretation could mean missed opportunities or, worse, unsafe conditions. But that was before.

Today, 4Subsea’s offshore decision support tool automates data collection, calculates vessel operability, all in a standardized, efficient, and transparent manner. The result? Reduced waiting on weather and a boost in vessel efficiency.

Join Christoffer Nilsen-Aas, VP of Marine Operations at 4Subsea, as he demonstrates the cutting-edge decision support tool that is transforming offshore operations. In this webinar, you'll discover how to enhance safety, efficiency, and decision-making in your offshore projects.

Why attend?

  • Learn how to automate and streamline data collection for offshore operations.
  • See real-time calculations of vessel operability.
  • Understand the benefits of a standardized, transparent decision-making process.
  • Discover how to reduce weather-related delays and improve vessel efficiency.


12:00 Welcome by Thea Båtevik at GCE Ocean Technology
12:05 Transforming offshore operations by Christoffer Nilsen-Aas, VP Marine Operations at 4Subsea
12:30 Questions & Answers
12:40 End of webinar

Participation and Costs

The webinar is open for all and free of charge.

A link to the webinar describing how to proceed will be sent out well in advance of the webinar.


Register for the webinar wihin 20.06.24 at 8 am.

Contact Information

Thea Båtevik

Innovation Consultant

Thea Båtevik


At 4Subsea, expertise in engineering is grounded in an extensive understanding of the subsea domain.

This deep knowledge base, combined with commitment to leverage actionable insights, enables energy companies to reduce risks, decrease expenses, and boost operational efficiency.