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Join the Impactwind Summer School

03 - 06. June 2024


Event registration is closed.


All you need to know about offshore wind in 4 days!

The event gives an overview of offshore wind combined with more in-depth work with some topics by speakers from academic institutions (UiB, UiS, UiA, NORCE) and the business sector, with lectures and Q&A sessions.

Speakers include:

  • Post.doc. Law, Siv Elén Årskog Vedvik (UiB)
  • Professor Berte-Elen Reinertsen Konow (UiB)
  • Associate Professor Geophysics, Etienne Cheynet (UiB)
  • Professor Geophysics Joachim Reuder (UiB)
  • Professor emeritus, Finn Gunnar Nielsen (UiB)
  • Associate Professor, Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui (Uib)
  • Professor, Zhiyu Jiang (UIA)
  • Professor Organization and Change management, Kristiane F. Lindland (UiS)
  • Post.doc. Offshore Technology, Marek Jan Janocha (UiS)
  • Senior Researcher, Atle Blomgren (NORCE)
  • Thomas Dahlgren (tbc) (NORCE)

No technical background required. Recommended prior knowledge here. This
online course is free for 6 weeks upon registration.



  • Offshore wind in the society – legal, environmental, economic and
    social aspects
    • Introduction to the summer school
    • The Norwegian licensing process, Siv Elén Årskog Vedvik, UiB
    • Utsira – Kristiane Lindland, UiS
    • Marine life - Thomas Dahlgren, NORCE (tbc)
    • Offshore wind – lessons learned so far, Finn Gunnar Nielsen, UiB
  • Social event (evening)


  • The wind resource – including half day with wind measurements
    • Wind resource – Joachim Reuder and Etienne Cheynet, UiB
    • Wind farm wakes from a legal perspective, Ignacio Herrera
      Anchustegui, UiB
    • Wind measurements at Ulven (if weather permits)


  • Offshore wind business – may include SN II and/or Utsira Nord
    • Offshore wind technology
    • Value creation from offshore wind
    • What do municipalities expect to get from offshore wind? Askøy
    • Economic framework for offshore wind, Atle Blomgren, NORCE
    • Project financing for offshore wind, Berte-Elen Reinertsen
      Konow, UiB
  • Official dinner


  • The future of offshore wind (morning session)
    • Major trends for offshore wind technology, Zhiyu Jiang, UiA
    • Exploring the technical boundaries in upscaling floating
      offshore wind turbines, Marek Jan Janocha, UiS
    • Supply chain – where are the bottlenecks?
    • HSE - Robert Drønen, Fagskolen i Rogaland (tbc)
  • Topics revisited – based on feedback from the participants

P.S: Currently, the half-day excursion on Tuesday afternoon includes wind measurements, pending weather conditions.

Participation and Costs

The participant fee is 12.000,- NOK (6.000,- NOK for PhDs, and Master studentes)

Recommended hotels include Hotel Norge by Scandic, Scandic Byparken, Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz Bergen, Grand Hotel Terminus, and City Box.

The event is in the city center near recommended hotels. We recommend booking your accommodation as soon as possible, as Bergen is very busy in June.


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Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.


Organised by: University of Bergen | University of Stavanger | University of Agder | NORCE

Contact Information

Kai Stoltz

Business Development Manager

Kai Stoltz