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Ocean Lunch & Learn with Ocean Harvesting Technologies

14. April 2023, 11:30 - 12:00


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Join us for a fascinating webinar as Ocean Harvesting explains how wave power can contribute to the future renewable energy system by reducing cost of energy and the need of power balancing in the grid.

The transition to renewable energy is critical to tackle climate change, and easily accessible wave energy resources are estimated to 500 GW, 10% of global demand of electricity. Furthermore, wave energy produces electricity more consistently and at different times than wind and solar, increasing the value of produced electricity by improving the grid balance and reducing the need for energy storage.

During this webinar Ocean Harvesting Technologies (OHT), a wave power developer based in Karlskrona/Gothenburg, Sweden, will talk about the challenges of wave power and the development of its InfinityWEC technology. High energy output is achieved with a highly efficient power take-off with the capability to provide instant force control, resulting in high material efficiency and thereby low cost of energy as well as low CO2 footprint. InfinityWEC is suitable for the same areas as floating wind power with installation depth of >80 m, for example found along the western shores of Norway.

OHT will also present findings from a case study performed in 2022 for Lundin Energy Norway, on the design and sizing of the wave farm installation for an oil & gas platform. The analysis of energy storage requirements to balance power production to a constant output and the findings on how the losses with hydrogen storage impact the array sizing will also be discussed.


11:30 Challenges of wave power and the development of the InfinityWEC technology and findings from a 2022 case study, Mikael Sidenmark, CEO at Ocean Harvesting Technologies.
12:00 End of webinar

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The webinar is open for all and free of charge.


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If you are a representative of a partner or member company in GCE Ocean Technology and would like to share your expertise by presenting at an Ocean Lunch & Learn session, we welcome your contribution. To get started, please reach out to Jon Hellevang, our R&D Manager, who will be happy to guide you through the process and help you prepare for the webinar.

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Thea Båtevik

Innovation Consultant

Thea Båtevik


Ocean Harvesting Technologies AB is a Swedish company that develops a novel technology to transform ocean waves into clean, reliable and cost-efficient electric energy.


The Ocean Lunch & Learn is an informative webinar series hosted by GCE Ocean Technology, featuring members and partners of the cluster who showcase their innovative solutions, share valuable experiences, and impart insightful lessons through a 30-minute lunchtime webinar.

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