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HAVlunsj - Plastic pollution

20. April 2023, 11:30 - 12:30

GCE Ocean Technology (2.etg. VilVite), Thormøhlensgate 51, Bergen

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This time, the HAVlunsj is held by NCE Seafood Innovation and the topic will plastic.

Plastic pollution is a pressing issue that has significant negative impacts on the marine environment, wildlife, and human health.

Single-use plastics, in particular, pose a major threat as they take centuries to degrade and often end up in oceans and waterways.

However, there are opportunities to address this issue through circular business models that promote the reuse and recycling of plastics. This conference will explore the challenges posed by plastic pollution and showcase innovative solutions and strategies for creating a more sustainable and circular economy.

On stage we will hear Handelens Miljøfond (HMF), having recently released three reports outlining methods to establish a circular plastic economy, will also be presenting their findings. Circmar AS will take about their work in utilizing recycled plastic obtained from, among other things, fishing nets to produce new recycled fish boxes that can be rented out to players in the aquaculture industry. Additionally, Bremnes Seashore introducing their initiatives which include the employment of circular plastic pallets.

As always we will serve food for both mind and body. Remember to register to the event so we can order food accordingly.


11.15: Registration/ mingling

11.30: Introduction

11.35: Handelens Miljøfond (HMF) outlining methods to establish a circular plastic economy

11:50: Circmar AS taking about their work in utilizing recycled plastic obtained from fishing nets

12.05: Bremnes Seashore introdusing the employment of circular plastic pallets

12.25: Round off

Participation and Costs

HAVlunsj is open for all and free of charge.


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Contact Information

Kai Stoltz

Business Development Manager

Kai Stoltz


HAVlunsj er en serie med lunsjmøter i regi av VIS, Maritime Bergen, GCE Ocean Technology, NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster, Marineholmen og NCE Maritime CleanTech.

HAVlunsj er en uformell møteplass for havnæringene, med fokus på kompetanseheving og nettverksbygging.

HAVlunsj blir arrangert nest siste torsdag i måneden (med noen unntak).