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HAVlunsj: AquaCloud and big data in the seafood industry

19. August 2021, 11:30 - 12:30

Vitensenteret, Bergen / Digitalt

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Welcome to HAVlunsj! Where we will look at missing ingredients for sustainable growth in the seafood industry.

AquaCloud is a big data project anchored in the industry’s need for data-driven decision-making tools. Through unification of industry data, software companies can tap into seafood industry data and build solutions that will drive sustainable growth!

Together with industry partners large amounts of data about the Norwegian Aquaculture industry are made available through AquaCloud’s data platform. This industry digitalization project establishes data standardization and enables collection and sharing of data across the industry, to provide you with datasets from 4000 fish cages.

Join us to learn more about AquaCloud, new datasets for environmental and fish health data, and the developer portal used to tap into industry data!


11:30 About AquaCloud, Jørn Torsvik, Project Manager AquaCloud
11:50 The launch of data: Environmental and Fish Health Data, Industry actor TBA
12:10 The launch of AquaCloud’s Developer Portal, Carl Haukås, Project Consultant, NCE Seafood Innovation
12:15 How a software startup uses industry data from AquaCloud, TBA
12:30 End of webinar/Mingling at VIS Mellomrommet continues

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HAVlunsj is a series of lunch meetings hosted by Maritime Bergen, NCE Seafood Innovation, VIS, NCE Maritime CleanTech, Marineholmen and GCE Ocean Technology.