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Webinar: How to Succeed in Offshore Wind?

08. April 2021, 08:30 - 09:30


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Nicholas Doherty | Unsplash
Nicholas Doherty | Unsplash

In this webinar, Green Ducklings and Kluge, in cooperation with GCE Ocean Technology, offer reflections from a commercial and market perspective as well as a legal perspective on some key success criteria for taking your company to the next level in the rising tide of offshore wind.

What will it take to build a successful new business within offshore wind and deliver on ambitious growth targets?

Whether you are an established player looking to expand your business into offshore wind, or a new entrant offering technology or services in this segment, getting help to benchmark your starting point and on developing and implementing the tools and strategies to reach your market goals can be extremely useful.

Offshore wind has the potential to become Norway’s new export adventure, and we see more and more companies exploring opportunities to engage in offshore wind. Many companies have a strong technology and competence basis and a long track record from oil & gas, but these fundaments are not necessarily enough to succeed in the global and rapidly developing offshore wind industry.

About Green Ducklings: Green Ducklings provide strategy and market support for companies with ambitions to grow their business within offshore wind. Through a structured process that reduces complexity in executive decision making and market approach, we help improve any company’s odds for success in offshore wind.

About Kluge: Kluge is a Norwegian full-service business law firm with offices in Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen and Hamar. Kluge offers comprehensive advice and assistance within all major fields of business law. Our business culture and DNA have been shaped out of assisting major industry clients since the establishment of our Stavanger office in 1923. Our way of working is to build long term relationships with our clients, aiming to provide straightforward and easy to understand legal advice that can be used "as is".

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