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HAVlunsj: Advancing food production with insects, calanus, and krill

22. October 2020, 11:30 - 12:30

Event registration is closed.


We invite you to our monthly HAVlunsj - this time brought to you by NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster.

This time we will discuss novel raw materials for aquaculture feeds. In order to secure the sustainable growth of the Norwegian aquaculture industry, we need to develop new feed raw materials that can support that growth.

In the ongoing project, Land meets Ocean, 4 Norwegian industry clusters have cooperated through multiple conferences and workshops to identify projects where the sectors can cooperate to transfer ideas and facilitate cooperation to benefit the entire food system in Norway.

Join us to learn more about the project and the way forward.

Participation and Costs

HAVlunsj is free of charge and open for all.


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Contact Information

Kai Stoltz

Business Development Manager

Kai Stoltz


HAVlunsj is a series of lunch meetings organised by VIS, Maritime Bergen, GCE Ocean Technology, NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster, Marineholmen and NCE Maritime CleanTech.

HAVlunsj is an informal meeting place for the maritime industries, with a focus on skills development and network building.

HAVlunsj is arranged every third Thursday of the month.