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Course: Fundamentals of Systems Engineering

16 - 20. March 2020

Bergen, Venue TBC

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This course module presents the fundamental principles and processes for designing effective systems, including how to determine customer needs, how to distinguish between needs and solutions, and how to translate customer requirements into design specifications.

This course is a must for every professional. It presents the systems approach, which is pivotal to the innovative design of systems that fulfil effectively and efficiently identified needs and perceived opportunities.

Why Study Fundamentals of Systems Engineering

A clear understanding of systems engineering framework and of the global view that characterizes the systems approach is essential, regardless of the position held.

From junior engineers to top managers inclusive, this course will add significant value by enabling all practitioners to unleash the power of a structured, yet innovative approach to problem solving.

This course helps to shorten significantly the time required to develop a high level of professional maturity and excellence.


The course is organised as an intensive one-week course with 5 days of lectures. During this week, the lectures last from 08:40 to 16:30 each day.

The courses are a mixture of lectures and work in groups. Master students and others taking courses for credit will work on a written assignment which is due 10 weeks after the end of the course. A completed course with approved written assignment will give 7.5 study points.

Participation and Costs

The course is open for all, and the price for attending depends on whether you take the course for credit or not. To get credit for the course, you need to hand in a written assignment.

  • Alternative 1: Attendance only kr. 16.000,- NOK
  • Alternative 2: Attendance and written assignment kr. 21.000,- NOK

The price includes course material, coffee, and lunch. For alternative 2, the price also includes supervision and grading of the written assignment.


For more information, and registration, please visit the University of South-Eastern Norway.

Coronavirus update: There is great uncertainty about how the corona virus (Covid-19) will affect Norway in the coming weeks. This means that plans for our events may change. GCE Ocean Technology's main priority is that all our speakers and participants are safe at our events. We continue to monitor the situation closely, and will at all times relate to the current decisions of the Bergen Municipality and the Institute of Public Health (FHI) at large events. We will make ongoing reviews and provide necessary updates along the way. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

The course is organised in cooperation with:

Contact Information

Bjarte Fagerås

Senior R&D Advisor

Bjarte Fagerås

Systems Engineering

Systems engineering is a recognised method of developing systems in the motor and oil industries, computing, networking, communications and R&D.

Knowledge of Systems Engineering is vital for participating in, and managing the development of complex products and interdisciplinary systems.