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ACCEL Energy

Participants at ACCEL Energy 2019

ACCEL Energy is a programme for founders with disruptive products and services in the oil- and gas-sector, renewable and new energy solutions.

The programme assists selected companies in developing a viable business plan with support from highly qualified experts. Participants receive practical training in innovation methods and tools. The entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to present their own business plans to potential investors and customers.

Normally five to seven companies will be accepted into the programme. Through ten sessions over a period of 3 months, you will receive help from experts with specialist knowledge about the subsea industry. They will help you look ahead and help transform your business idea into a successful venture.


The details of the programme may vary from year to year, but will typically contain the following elements:

  • Workshop on the basics of Lean Startup
  • Selection of candidates based on pitching for an evaluation board
  • Workshop on how to create a scalable business model
  • Industry Mixer Day – speed dating with potential business partners
  • Workshop – knowledge transfer between industry partners, mentors and entrepreneurs
  • Workshop on efficient resource usage
  • Workshop on growth strategies and business metrics/KPI’s for monitoring growth. Identification of showstoppers
  • Workshop on how to pitch the business idea for investors and industry partners
  • Demo Day. Pitching for investors and industry partners

A Unique Opportunity

ACCEL Energy is presented by leading experts with extensive experience within business and technology development in the subsea industry. They have wide-reaching networks and knowledge about:

  • Business models
  • Technology and design
  • IPR/patents
  • Economy and financing
  • Markets and internationalisation
  • Customers and investors

As part of the programme, you receive assistance from a group of dedicated and skilled students who contribute in different areas, and might also be potential future employees.

Who Should Apply

Applicants should be motivated persons with early-stage companies, who wish to develop and commercialise new products or services. The company should have solved the technological challenges involved or have a sound plan for how to solve them. It should also have a potential pilot customer within reach. The managing director and/or major shareholder of the company must attend the entire programme. We will strive to choose companies that have the same challenges or background, so that the same experts and investors may be interested in all of the companies.

Participation in the programme is free and will be covered by its sponsors and main partners. You cover your own travel expenses and working hours.


Companies or inventors who wish to participate must prepare a brief application that must be approved prior to admission. All involved parties must sign a declaration of confidentiality. Directly competing solutions cannot participate. You may specify in your application if there are particular challenges or subjects you wish to receive input on. We will as far as possible adapt the content and the experts to each individual business.

Apply to join the ACCEL Energy Programme.

Contact Information

Caspar M Lund, ACCEL: or phone 971 69 095
Kai Stoltz, GCE Ocean Technology; or phone 930 16 772

Initiators and Programme Owners

The programme was originally developed by GCE Ocean Technology, Bergen University College and VIS and was carried out for the first time in 2011.

Today, ACCEL leads the execution of the programme.

Sponsors and Industry Partners

The programme is normally sponsored by Innovation Norway or Hordaland County Counsil, collaborating banks and industry partners. The contributors will vary from year to year.

Contact Information

Kai Stoltz

Business Development Manager

Kai Stoltz