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Regular or Annual GCE Ocean Technology Events

From the NCE Subsea CEO Forum 2013.

We organise several events every month, either on our own or in collaboration with others. Most of our events are open to everybody while others are exclusive for our partners and members. Our events focus on current topics or challenges and there are always great networking opportunities.

CEO Forum

The annual cluster CEO Forum is an important activity for dissemination of knowledge, bringing together the cluster’s key decision makers to discuss important issues for the development of companies, institutions and the cluster as a whole.

Participation on the cluster CEO Forum is by invitation only.

International Business Expertise

International Business Expertise (IBE) is a seminar concept with the purpose of improving the cluster’s expertise on international business topics. IBE combines experience-sharing with skills upgrading and networking. Examples of previous topics are “Brazilian business culture”, “Implications of local content requirements” and “Challenges of international logistics”.

Members’ Meeting Forum

The annual Member’s Meeting Forum is an internal business-to-business speed-dating event for cluster companies with the purpose of promoting business and collaboration opportunities within the cluster. This Forum have also been organised with other clusters related to industries and services such as ICT and Industrial Design.

Students Theme Day

Students Theme Day is also an annual event where students and young professionals are invited to technical presentations and networking opportunities with the cluster. Cluster companies are given the opportunity to introduce themselves to potential employees.


Contact Information

Kjersti Boge Christensen

Communication and Event Manager

Kjersti Boge Christensen